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Support Groups

Our Support Groups are one of AQDC’s priorities and are part of our continuing effort to provide support for people living with chronic pain and their loved ones. The Committee for Member Services is responsible for this service, which is also overseen by the Board of Administration.


  • To provide a safe place where people can share their feelings and concerns freely and in complete confidentiality;
  • To promote mutual help and constructive ideas;
  • To learn from one another by:
    • Sharing advice, tips and tricks
    • Conferences and testimonials
    • Various materials proposed by different group participants
  • To help people reach their goals.

Course of the meeting

  • Session opens (meeting’s objectives, rules of confidentiality, etc.);
  • Sharing personal achievements based on participants’ willingness;
  • Group discussion moderated by one of the facilitators;
  • Session close.

Different approaches and meeting formats

  • Individual plan of action (optional);
  • Verbal strategies to change mindsets, such as takin other avenues to solve a problem:
    • Brainstorming session
    • Identifying a problem that needs solving
    • Developing possible avenues for a solution
  • Discuss about hot topics or information found on a Website to initiate a discussion;
  • Random drawing of a question/theme;
  • Speaker (varied and relevant topics).


  • Participants meet one or twice monthly;
  • Meetings last between 90 minutes and 2 hours;
  • There are two facilitators per group or one person in charge of the group and one facilitator as well as another person greeting participants as they arrive;
  • Groups are usually comprised of 15 to 20 participants (at most);
  • One of the facilitators or the person in charge of the group drafts a brief report for the AQDC in the days following the meeting;
  • Round Table/Panel Discussion.

Location of the meeting

The premises used to conduct SUPPORT GROUP meetings may belong to a community centre, a rehabilitation centre that is part of the MSSS, a hospital, a CLSC, a municipal library, or even a restaurant, a pharmacy or any suitable location that is accessible to people with reduced mobility that also provides a level of confidentiality.

To find out about our upcoming meetings, please check the list of support groups available in your area:

The AQDC does not have any support groups in your area? Contact us and we will add your name to our waiting list. Once there is enough interest, we will assess the situation and determine the need to initiate a new support group in your area or nearby.

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