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Help us Help you: Become a Member of the AQDC!

Becoming a member will help prevent isolation. It means that an association works for you and with you. It also means supporting us in every action we take on your behalf.

You are very important to us and the more members we have, the stronger our voice and the greater our reach with government agencies and physicians. This means we can better work with them for your wellbeing.

WE are your voice. WE listen to you.

When you talk about pain, we can be empathetic to your suffering and we will not let you down.

Subscription is Free and Available to All

Any person who is affected by chronic pain either directly or indirectly can become a member:
  • People living with chronic pain, regardless of origin and interested in supporting our objectives.
  • Family members and loved ones suffering from chronic pain;
  • Members of medical or paramedical communities or any other person with an interest in chronic pain;
  • Any group, collective or association, registered or incorporated, any legal entity wishing to support our objectives, or having objectives similar to our own and wishing to be recognized as an AQDC supporter.

By becoming a member of the association, you will receive information about our local support groups and any relevant information the AQDC considers important.


Personal information


FAMILY INCOME: We remind you that all the information collected in this survey will remain strictly confidential and will be processed on anonymous basis.
You may check more than one box.

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