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Multidisciplinary Treatment Centres

If you are living with chronic pain, treatment should ideally include all of the pain-related aspects. It is known as a multidisciplinary pain treatment.

Pediatric Pain Treatment Centre

Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia Complex Pain Clinic

4480, Oak Street
Vancouver (BC) V6H 3V4
604-875-2345 poste 5108

Alberta Children’s Hospital

Pediatric Complex Pain Clinic
888, Shaganappi Trail NW
Calgary (AB) T3B 6Ab

The Hospital for Sick Children

555, University Avenue
Toronto (ON) M5G 1X8

Montreal Hospital for Kids

Clinique de douleur chronique
2300, rue Tupper
Montréal (QC) H3H 1P3

IWK Health Centre

Pediatric Complex Pain Clinic
5850-5980, University Avenue
Halifax (NS) B3K 6R8

Stollery Children’s Hospital

Pediatric Chronic Pain Service
8440,112 Street, Suite Room 1C1.04
Edmonton (AB) T6G 2B7

Alternative Therapy Providers


Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute
List of acupuncture specialists in Canada

Canadian Medical Acupuncture Society
List of acupuncture specialists in Canada

The Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Society of Canada
List of acupuncture specialists in Canada


Canadian Chiropractic Association
List of chiropractors in Canada


Homeopathic Medical Council of Canada
List of homeopathy specialists in Canada


Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors
List of naturopathic doctors in Canada


Canadian Yoga Alliance
List of yoga instructors in Canada

Jackie Wells
Téléphone: 604-276-2236

Physiotherapists – Pelvic Pain


Laura Disenhaus, Pelvic floor
Telephone: 416-591-1123
Fax: 1-888-436-7190

(Lesley & Sheppard)

Gina Jackson, Incontinence
Telephone: 416-499-4991

(Mount Sinai Hospital)

Cathy Fournier, RMT Pelvic Pain
Telephone: 416-995-9234
Telephone: 416-619-5546

Don Mills and Lawrence

Anna Greenblatt (OT)
Telephone: 416-445-5125


Dragana Boljanovic, Susic Pelvic pain & incontinence
Telephone: 416-580-4302
Fax: 1-866-415-2555

Richmond Hill

Nellie Faghani, Pelvic pain & incontinence
Telephone: 905-883-8146


Debbie Maduri, PT/Osteo
Telephone: 416-399-0747

Jennifer Hicke, Incontinence
Telephone: 905-479-0869


Kathy Degan
Telephone: 705-728-5532


Sherri Moore, Essential Physiotherapy
Ph: 519-752-2151
Fx: 519-752-3491

Marion Perras
ph: 519-771-6150


Carolyn Van Dyken, Incontinence & pelvic pain
Telephone: 519-624-8798
Fax: 519-624-8832


Nicole Watson, Incontinence
Telephone: 519-823-8400


Stephen Lawless, Incontinence & pelvic floor
Telephone: 613-547-0200
Telephone: 613-634-9994

Liz Tata
Telephone: 613-384-9815


Caroline Allen, Pelvic pain and incontinence
Telephone: 613-726-3838
Fax: 613-288-0059

North Bay

Marie Faucon-Forget, Incontinence & pelvic floor
Telephone: 705-474-4440


Claudia Brown, Pelvic pain & incontinence
Telephone: 514 259-3797 / 450 667-2050 (Laval)

Kirkland, Québec

Marie-Josée Lord, physiotherapist specialised in perineal and pelvic rehabilitation AccessMed – Clinique de la santé de la femme
17001 Transcanadienne Hwy, suite 301A
Kirkland (Québec) H9H 5J1

St-Bruno-de-Montarville, Québec

Manon Ferguson
Kinatex Sports Physio, St-Bruno-de-Montarville

Nova Scotia

Stacey Dunfey
Telephone: 902-470-7263


Diana MacDonald
Telephone: 780-735-4111

Richmond, BC

Jackie Wells
Téléphone: 604-276-2236

Whitehorse, Yukon

Marie Egan
Telephone: 867-633-6628

BC Women’s Hospital Continence Clinic

Telephone: 613-875-3060

Vancouver, BC

Marcy Dayan, Registered Physiotherapist
Telephone: 604-739-3133
Fax: 604-739-3135

Health Care Providers


Arthritis Society Canada
List of rheumatologists in Québec

Pelvic Pain Specialists

National Vulvodynia Association
List of professionals specialized in vulvodynia in Canada

Canadian Continence Foundation (Canada)
List of professionals specialized in the treatment of incontinence in Canada

International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease
Information about vulvovaginal disease

Foot Specialists (chiropodists/podiatrists)

Canadian Medical Podiatrist Association
List of podiatrists in Canada

Headache Professionals

List of professionals specialized in the treatment of headaches
List of professionals specialized in the treatment of headaches

Psychologists Interested in the Treatment of Pain

Canadian repertory of psychologists providing health services
List of psychologists in Canada


Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Occupational Therapists

Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists: Resources
List of occupational therapists in Canada

Community Care Access Centres
List of occupational therapises located only in Ontario

Sex Therapists

American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists
List of international sex therapists, including in Canada

Other Resources

FM-SFC Canada Compassion en action
Support groups and discussion forum on fibromyalgia

Arthritis Society of Canada – Open Forum
Discussion forum on arthritis and fibromyalgia

The Arthritis Society

La Société de l’Arthrite a le plaisir d’annoncer le lancement de son nouveau guide sur la gestion de la douleur arthritique.

Portail Surmonter sa douleur

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